Who runs the club?

The club is operated by Twin Lakes Sporting Club, Inc. dba Wagon Wheel Sporting Club Inc.  We are a IRS approved 501(c)(3).  Wagon Wheel is managed and operated by 12 Directors.  (Currently one vacancy).

The Directors are volunteers and are not compensated.  The Directors volunteer their time to open and close the club on open dates.  Be kind to them!   They are working for you for free!

All income over and above the club expenses goes toward the maintanance and improvement of the club!   So, shoot alot!

Wagon Wheel Board of Directors Spring 2016
Director Officer Position Phone e-mail
Jeff Akers President 706-587-7225 wingsandclays@gmail.com
Mike Carder Vice President 706-527-5353 mcarder.carder@gmail.com
Porter Haskell Treasurer 706-577-4903 oldexit12@gmail.com
Greg Carlisle Secretary 706-587-5394 greg.carlisle@us.panasonic.com
Austin Shepherd 706-570-7531 shepherd-a@harris.k12.ga.us
Joe Reiter 706-566-1807 josephreiter12@gmail.com
BP Hall 706-681-3539 Bphall5@bellsouth.net
Mike Jackson 706-366-2577 Mikecjackson@mchsi.com
Donald Crooks 706-570-8112 Dcrooks@aflac.com
Barry Berndt 706-325-0787 berndtcoshutters@bellsouth.net
Jeff Keefe 706-681-4009 jkeefe@moonmeek.com




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