Sporting Clays – WWSC features a 50 target / 7 Station Sporting Clays Course.

Sporting Clays at Wagon Wheel.  Our course is like a par 3 Golf Course.  It is a little smaller and faster to shoot.  Plus with Ammo costs being what they are…   Shooting 50 targets keeps it a little bit more economical.   We have added additional machines and some wireless release equipment to boot!  Many new presentations.  Plus, you can drive your truck around the course! Our course is commonly referred to as a beginners course.  Sure, you will not be shooting 70 yard targets, bBut don’t let that fool you!  Not every target is easy! So far, no perfect scores have been shot!  The best score so far?   A 48 of 50!  We challenge you to run the course.       



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